I Putu Kompiang, PhD

Born in Klungkung, Bali on April 24th, 1945. He finished his study in Medical Faculty at University of Udayana, Bali in 1965. He then got his 1st Class BSc. (Hon) in Faculty of Science, Monash University Australia by 1970 followed by his doctoral degree by 1974.

By 1974 – 1976 as a Research Fellow from Human Nutrition Division, Cornell University, New York.

From 1977 until now, as a researcher in Animal Research House (Balai Penelitian Ternak). In 1985 – 1987 as Head of BPT and now as Prime Researcher Expert.

His expertise in Livestock Nutrition and Feed Technology, up until now active in resources quality enhancement related program and even. Especially the one with Biotechnology and Probiotic Development for Livestock, Fisheries and Plants.

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